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Retaining A Rural Nursing Workforce: It Takes A Village

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The Well-being Impact of Northwestern Medicine's Scholars of Wellness Program

Health: A Deep Dive into Hospital/Health System Partnerships with Community Behavioral Health

Physician Perspectives on Using Telemedicine to Address the Shortage of Mental Health Providers

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HRET HIIN Culture of Safety Event | Preventing Workplace Violence

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AHE 2022 July Webinar - 9 Keys to Avoid the Great Resignation (free for AHE members, $79 for nonmembers)

Inclusive, Local Hiring - Building the Pipeline to a Healthy Community

Sustainable Health Care Delivery through Strategic Workforce Development Webinar Series

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Meeting Demand: Creating a New Pipeline of Health Care Workers

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On-Demand Webinars

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#WeAreHealthcare: Sustaining a Healthy Workforce with Phelps Health

#WeAreHealthcare: Questions with Physician Leaders: Dr. Mohammad Agha

#WeAreHealthcare: Addressing Workforce Challenges in America's Health Care Systems

#WeAreHealthcare: Workforce Strategies with the AHA Talent Scan

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Watch the on-demand webinar recorded on February 14, 2024, with a renowned futurist Ian Morrison, Ph.D.
Dive into the goals and objectives discussed by key speakers Chris DeRienzo, M.D., Akin Demehin and Marie Cleary-Fishman.
In this webinar, we will explore human-centered design tools and methods that will help you understand your colleagues’ perspectives and create a clear sense of purpose for your team initiatives and projects. This will be a great session for anyone who wants to improve their strategic planning and clarity on how to upskill their teams.
Recognizing that TeamSTEPPS does not have a one-size-fits-all approach, we invite you to delve into the compelling narratives of three hospitals, each at a different stage in their TeamSTEPPS implementation. Witness the evolution from a pivotal six-month milestone in a specific unit to the integration of TeamSTEPPS tools and principles into the culture of an entire health care system. Each story unfolds with unique perspectives and insights, emphasizing the navigation of challenges and celebration of successes within the dynamic landscape of diverse health care settings. (Webinar presented February 14, 2024)
Dr. Chris DeRienzo and Rhonda Fischer have a moderated discussion on how connecting team-based care with TeamSTEPPS is a powerful combination for supporting and strengthening the interprofessional workforce. Hear how TeamSTEPPS 3.0 and our AHA TeamSTEPPS curriculum innovations create the platform for safe, patient-centered care through an empowered, team-centered lens. (Webinar presented January 10, 2024)
Dr. Will Bynum presents an overview of the psychology of shame and will then outline their novel Shame Competence Framework, which addresses the competencies and skills needed to adopt shame competent approaches to patient care, teaching, and teamwork. Viewers will walk away with a set of specific skills and considerations to begin adopting shame competent approaches to their work. (Webinar presented November 8, 2023)
Felicia Sadler, MJ, BSN, RN, CPHQ, LSSBB, Partner at Relias, investigates the steps your organization can take to attract, value, and retain clinical staff. Additionally, see what low-cost incentives you can offer to recognize and reward your employees, building the supportive atmosphere today’s employees desire. (Webinar presented November 15, 2023)
This webinar shares data surrounding the mental health crisis among caregivers, including statistics on suicide. Dr. Sanne Henninger sheds light on the signs and symptoms evidenced by staff in need of mental health support as well as shares strategies for equipping both leaders and fellow staff in recognizing and responding effectively to a struggling teammate. (Webinar presented September 13, 2023)
According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, there is strain on both ends of the spectrum of nurses, with a significant proportion of the nursing workforce approaching retirement as well as a high volume of nurses leaving the profession under the age of 35. This webinar explores creative staffing solutions Allegheny Health Network has implemented in an effort to address some of the common reasons nurses consider leaving the profession: work-life balance, pay, and schedule flexibility. (Webinar presented July 12, 2023)
During this webinar, Will Bynum of Duke University School of Medicine discusses strategies that institutional leaders can use to advance shame resilience, shame competence, and shame sensitive practice in healthcare, with the ultimate goals of transforming healthcare culture, optimizing patient safety, and supporting clinician well-being and self-concept development. (Webinar presented April 12, 2023)